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I'm thinking about doing a crossover of a bunch of stuff that I like, what should I add in?
      Blakye couldn't believe what he had heard, he checked his map to see if the boss dungeon was marked down, after searching every corner of the map he found nothing but the Starter City marker, first they would have to find the dungeon, and if they found it quick it wouldn't matter, nobody was high enough level to fight the boss. He looked over at his friends who were in utter shock of the recent events, Blakye turned to them, "Looks like we'll have to find the dungeon like any other RPG, an NPC will tell us about it, luckily though those things are usually level based, therefore we should have enough time to get ready," Lynn cut him off, "How long will that take though, we have to grind for hours, raid bandits, kill monsters, do side quest! We'll never make it out of here!" Nori slapped him across the face, leaving a red grid in the shape of a hand slap that quickly faded, "We don't have any choice do we?" Blakye looked through the map, "Luckily the towns are already marked, and there should be loads of low level beast around the roads, so let's go," without haste Blakye left, the others followed suit.
     Several wolves and board stood in the way of the group, though they all met with their blades, which gave them a good sum of gold and XP. The first town they came up on was a good size village, "This is larger than most RPG towns," Lynn said looking around at the town.
       "I guess Kayaba decided that the players would need a good bit of room to rest considering about 200 of us are already dead," Nori said with a shudder, they were in a death trap, and that though was unsettling for the three. Blakye walked into a tavern and sat down at the bar, "Hello, can I get three rooms please?"
     "Sure that'll be 30 crowns sir," Blakye looked shocked, this NPC seemed to respond very human like, "Um are you an NPC?"
      "Oh we've been getting that question quite a lot lately, you see when Kayaba created us, he made the A.I. incredibly intelligent, maybe because he didn't want you players to feel so lonely when he trapped you here," the bartender poured him a pint of what looked to be ale, "take this, SAO programming makes it safe for all ages to drink even though it's still alcohol, but nothing you eat here is real so..."
    Blakye paused, "T-thank you, he took the ale and went back over to Nori and Lynn, "Nothing we eat here is real, that means we'll eventually starve to death in real life right?" The three took a seat, not saying a word, how could they? Even if this game didn't kill them, dehydration and starvation would.
   "I'm going to bed," Lynn said Leaving the table and walking up to his room, the other two looked around at the players that sat at the other tables, "I'm going to ask the bartender if she knows of any quest."
      "Alright, I'm going to bed, we can go on the quest in the morning," The two got up, Nori heading up stairs and Blakye back to the bar, "Hey do you know of any rumors around this area," the NPC woman Leaned in, "I hear there's a monster that lives deep in the eastern woods of the first floor, I wouldn't go near it though, especially if you want to live longer than a week in this world."
    Blakye accepted the quest and went upstairs to his room, he laid down on his bed, it reminded him of when he laid down on his bed in the real world, he closed his eyes and wished he had never put on that damn Nerve Gear headset.
Sword Art Online Ep. 2
Part 2 of SAO

*Nero is a misspelling of Nori (Tiff please don't get mad at me)
      Blake burst open his bedroom door, threw down his bag, and jumped into his desk chair. His hands was like lighting as he quickly logged into his computer and turned on the "SAO Live Stream," now all he had to do was wait until the launch. He opened up one of his game cabinets and grabbed "Sword Art Online" his hands twitched as he opened the box, the game dropped down on the floor, "Oh no, please don't be broken," he picked it up, rubbed it off and popped it into the computer, where a little box popped up that read, "Please put on your FullDrive as we wait for launch," he put it on his head and laid on his bed waiting for the countdown to end, 3....2.....1. Blake smiled, "Link Start!" Colorful lines rushed passed his face as he closed his eyes, he heard the the wind blow, and he opened his eyes.
     Blakye was utterly shocked, here he was inside a video game, it felt like a dream, this was unbelievable. He looked down at his hands to see the fingerless gloves and light armor that he had requested for his character, he was going to play the stealth role, and do in person what he had been doing at a computer screen for so long. Blakye went into his inventory and equipped the sword that had been given to him as a starter weapon, he would eventually get a dagger, but keeping a sword on you was never a bad idea. "Now to find the others," he said running towards Starter City from the grasslands, killing low level boars every encounter.
    When he reached the city, he was now a level higher, he walked around the streets and found Nero and Lynn near the shopping area, "You guys can't possibly have enough money already."
     "Those boars have a good bit of money in them," Lynn shrugged before waving around his new short sword, Blakye walked up to the shopkeeper and scrolled through the weapons, he found a cheap longsword with good attack damage. The three took a moment to examine their weapons before examining each other, Blakye noticed that Nero was a girl, and even though he looked like one IRL, it disturbed him a little, Lynn's character had brown hair tied in a ponytail, Blakye himself was noted to have longer hair than in real life, but nothing else out of the ordinary. Commotion erupted from passerby's, "There's no log out button!" people shouted out, Blakye quickly went into his menu and tried to log out, he pressed the blank button several times to no avail. The three ran to the center of the city when the sky went red, a giant figure appeared in the air, "I am the Cardinal, and this is my realm," the players looked on in horror as the emotionless figure continued, "I had a vision of a world, my world, where people's lives would be in my hands, that world is Sword Art Online."
      "There are no respawns, if you die in this world, you die in real life. There is no way out, thousands of players have already perished from family members who have foolishly unplugged the helmets," news screens popped up of players from around the world that had died in game, titles like, "Video game kills players," and, "Video game disaster leaves families devastated," Blakye's eyes grew wide from the screens that showed mothers holding daughters and medics transporting bodies.
     "I've placed an item in your inventory, please use it instantly," all the players went into their inventories and took out the new "mirror" object. Blakye clicked on it and was surrounded by a light, he looked back down to his face, his real face staring back at him, he looked over at Nero who's body had been morphed to look like his, Lynn's hair had been spiked instead of put up. "Oh and there is one other thing I should mention, there is only one way out of this world, if you can beat the floor boss on this floor, you'll go up to the second, and so on, these floors go all the way up to 100, the final boss sits on that floor." Cardinal took a pause, "That is the only way to escape Aincrad, good luck and have fun," and with that the Cardinal disappeared.
Sword Art Online Ep. 1
I do hope you enjoy this, I put a lot of effort into it and I do plan on making more of this, and other things too.
The dragon roars a mighty roar
As I stand to fight
With the force of a mighty boar
I swing from left to right.

Back track a bit to the beginning
When my chance of living was slimming,
As execution seemed inevitable
My escape was quite incredible

The city is burning
People are dying
This is my chance
I leave, taking back a glance

My blades cut through the scales
As I cut into its tail
This beast goes up and flies away
Living to fight another day.
Tale of the Dragonborn: An Ode to Skyrim
This poem describes the epic battle against Alduin on High Hrothar, only to learn that the war is not yet over.
I'm thinking about doing a crossover of a bunch of stuff that I like, what should I add in?


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